Unit 5 –⁠ 3.1 solution

3.1 Watch the video and answer some questions:

  • Which steps don’t belong (nepatří) to the site preparation procedure? 
    • Site evaluation

    • Building the frame of the house

    • Site plan design

    • Site testing

    • Moving in

    • Site surveying

    • Site clearing and grading

    • Landscaping and final touches

    • Site compaction

  • Why do builders compact the soil?
    So that the soil can take the weight of the foundation.

  • Must any connection lines that run from your building to the public sewer flow downhill or uphill?
    Any connection lines that flow from your building to the public sewer must flow downhill.

  • What is important when selecting the right builder? 
    The right builder should be experienced with site preparation and has adequate insurance and staffing capabilities.

  • Why is it important to locate all underground utilities and structures before strating the construction? 
    So that you don’t accidently hit any important infrastructure when undertaking your site prep.

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